Call Center Outsourcing

At Ecztasi, we provide highest quality of connection with your customers, by providing complete range of outbound call centre solutions. With domain experience in outsourcing call center solutions and highly experienced sales agents, you can depend on us for quality performance. We are here for you to increase your sales, taking follow-ups, create excellent customer relations and help your business grow. We make strong and magical customer tie-ups.
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By accepting our services, you can assure your business to get and edge above your competitors, as we provide latest call center techniques with IVR, voice logging channels, automatic call distribution and skilled professionals. We provide customized call center services tailored perfect for your needs. We provide 24*7 services even after your business hours, and scalability that lets you expand your markets. While managing your call demand solutions we are well aware that represents your organizations and takes better care that we live up to your reputation. For complete transparency, you are provided with all call records, performance metrics and log transcripts along with dashboard to allow you monitor at any time. Along with customer care with voice channels, we also provide email management, text based services & IVR.


Customer satisfaction is the key parameter of any business growth, getting your audience hooked to your service requires higher satisfaction rates which are attained when you listen to your customer queries on daily basis. When customers are asking 24/7 support, it is a crucial factor that customer service is of superior quality. Hence seeing forth into quality, we are forerunners for keeping high QA standards, providing unparalleled services. We are committed in providing quality customer support services to our clients. Gathering feedback from our customers in structured manner has increased our productivity level on consistent basis and helps us improve our standards even further. Along with customer representative we also provide highest quality of Quality Check team that analyse all calls that are generated and received by our agents for training and quality control purpose. .
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