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With rapid increase in demand of smartphones, world of mobile commerce is booming at a great pace every single day. The way Ecommerce industry is making its advent in our day to day life & with use of mobile this has led to arrival of m-commerce. M-commerce is synonym with shopping with your smartphone device, adding to mainstream ecommerce.
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While mobile commerce is still in its infancy stage, there are already hundreds of applications providing different services to audience. There are many small companies that are rocking the market, while big players still struggle to make an impact, but you can be sure of awesome result with our right strategy. Mobile monetization provides you with opportunity to connect and improve association with your target audience. With customized application for mobile commerce we provide users with easy to navigate functionality so they spend without hassle on your business. With m-commerce chances of promoting your products are near endless. You get to improve your customer engagement by providing deals and special cut-offs on your product.


Ecztasi is focused on developing ingenious mobile applications, which raise the overall user experience on mobile device. We provide the expert team that builds customized applications that work on unified mobile platform for our customers. During the initial phase, we help you elaborate a clear view what your app will bring to your business and how it will fit into your brand promotion. During development part we try to keep the app as simple as possible but one that’s highly functional that helps users to navigate their products easily. Our well-equipped team keeps all the care of your needs and takes long term decisions in order to meet your requirement.
iPhone application development
iPhone app developers


Today the data consumption on our phones is gradually increasing day by day, with men making more purchases than women. The predicted sales through mobile commerce is expected to reach 40% more than what currently is, by 2020. Near about 60% of orders online are generated by mobile now. With help of our team your app will be featured app over the market places. We not only serve android platform for mobile commerce, but also iOS as well. We have proper command over app, so whether you want to encapsulate third party feature or popular ecommerce plugins, we have it on our finger tips for you.
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